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Why Work With CXO Equity Partners? There are many reasons.

For The Business Owner Who Wants to Exit…

For Business Owners Who Want to Exit Their Business Now or in the Near Future, we may be able to make you a cash offer so you can just walk away.

If you want to sell your business for more than it’s worth today, you can leverage the talent and experience of the members of CXO Equity Partners to improve your business’s metrics in anticipation of a sale. This process could take 2-5 years, but you will then be able to sell your business for much more than it’s worth today.

For The Business Owner Who Wants To Scale Up to the Next Level or Scale Out Of Their Business…

Perhaps you feel stuck in your business right now, or your business profits have plateaued and you’re not sure how to get to the next level. Or perhaps you are dealing with the same business problems month after month after month.

Here’s good news: CXO Equity Partners offers a proprietary “Built to Scale™” session that will uncover EXACTLY what you need to do to move forward — and EXACTLY how to make it happen.

This process is not inexpensive, however; the results often lead to rapid business growth during the 3-6 months following the Breakthrough Session.

What we bring to businesses…

CXO Equity Partners’ talented pool of experts in over 20 disciplines nationwide are committed to working with select companies to provide Break Through Growth to take a company to the next level of success.

CXO Equity Partners gives each of the companies that it works with the opportunity to access strategies, capable talent, leadership teams, and capital to partner with companies to ensure that they can execute on their financial and strategic goals.

CXO Equity Partners then makes resources available, as needed, for infrastructure, back-office support, financial guidance, target acquisitions, strategic alliances, systems, structure, processes, equity and debt capital, education, growth strategies, and the executive talent needed to successfully execute the action plans that the CXO Equity Partners team has recommended.

Built To Scale Sessions (BTS) For Actionable Growth Or Exit

CXO Equity Partners’s unique model of service includes the Breakthrough Sessions, which result in a detailed insight brief and 90-day action plan with measurable outcomes, staffing, and financial resource plans.

Due Diligence For Company Selection

CXO Equity Partners teams become experts in your business, working with the client’s senior leadership to identify their perceived challenges in all functional areas of the organization.

Identifying Necessary Capital For Unlocking Company Potential

In some cases, companies have stalled due to financial constraints. After a thorough analysis, your dedicated CXO Equity Partners team will identify capital needs and provide an action plan which provides a clear pathway to the financing you need.

Placement Of Experienced Leadership On The Management Team

CXO Equity Partners has a deep and experienced bench of talent across the country in over 20 professional disciplines that will be available to you to ensure your success.

Through our collective experience and a proven track record in helping companies turnaround to realize exponential profits and/or prepare for exit, we can help you realize your business potential and achieve beyond your current limitations. Our seasoned consultants are available nationwide for onsite or remote support.

If this resonates with you, contact us and let’s take the conversation one step further.